Best Ways to Show Off Your Beauty


It takes time and effort to get your look just right – finding the right products, the styles that suit you, the makeup that accents your features best. Once you have your beauty just right, why not show it off? One of the best ways to do this is with a photography shoot but what do these entail and what options are available?

Fashion photography

If you and a friend are both into fashion and have your look just right, why not buy a fashion photoshoot as a present for the two of you? Something a little different than the typical spa or shopping day, these photo shoots are about more than just showing off fancy clothes. A number of specialists like White Chocolate Photography use the style on big name celebrities but people can access this all around the country.

The idea is that you and your friend will have your pictures taken, sometimes in a studio and sometimes on location. While you will look stunning, it also about bringing out your personality in the shots, showing your inner beauty as well as your outer.

Boudoir photography

One idea might be to celebrate your wedding by giving your future husband a special album of shots from a Boudoir Photography specialist. Sexy yet tasteful, these albums make a great present – you can even use the lingerie you are wearing on your wedding day or something that is just for the occasion.

Boudoir is a French term referring to a lady’s dressing room or private room and the idea behind this style of photography is that nudity is implied, not shown. This makes for a classy and elegant photo album that can be used for a variety of occasions. While wedding day presents are very popular, they can even for a special birthday or other event.

Portrait photography

Traditional portrait photography is still going strong and has seen countless innovations that have led to modern and fashionable portraits that are far from the traditional, awkward school shots we all remember. Family portraits are a popular choice, with you and partner and the kids all in your best and photographed together. Mums and daughters is another popular option, especially in the lead up to a big event such as a wedding or special birthday.


How much these packages cost vary depending on a few factors – but as the old adage goes, you do get what you pay for. Where you have the photos taken can also influence cost – a location will involve a mileage cost whereas at their studio may be cheaper.

The best way to understand the cost is to look at how long the session takes. Most photographers work out their prices based on the time to take the photos but also to process them – editing them isn’t a quick process if done correctly. If you want a disc of your images, this is often cheaper than prints for obvious reasons but if you want everything ready to go when it is done then you will pay a bit more for this.


A Review of Various Anti Aging Procedures

It used to be that people had to live with looking older as they aged. The best you could hope for was to age well and hope you had good genetics. That just isn’t the way things are now. Medical advances have come up with technology that makes looking younger a real possibility. Not only that, there are many options available to each individual for achieving that goal.

Whether you are looking to just lightly treat the skin where a few fine lines have appeared or reduce crows feet from around the eyes, there are treatments out there to address your particular issue. Check out some of the various procedures to know which one best suits you.

Thermage Treatments

Thermage is a type of laser treatment that utilizes radio frequencies to penetrate deep into the skin to stimulate the production of collagen. It is considered non-invasive and is a great choice if you don’t want a long recovery time. You can usually see some results immediately, though it may take up to two months to see the full results. Some people get a mild side affect of a little redness afterwards, but their regular activities can be resumed right away. This type of aesthetic laser is especially effective on the neck and jowls.

Fractional CO2 Laser Treatments

Fractional CO2 lasers use light to resurface the skin and jump start the rejuvenation process. As we age, our skin naturally stops producing collagens that fill our skin, keeping it healthy. The elasticity breaks down, stretching the skin and making it thinner. Using light energy, the fractional laser causes the skin to begin repairing itself and producing collagen, which results in fresh, healthy cells. This procedure requires the least amount of recovery, is comfortable and has minimal risk to the patient.

Laser Skin Resurfacing

While laser skin resurfacing is very popular for the results, it is also invasive and more dangerous. Where using lights and radio frequencies works deep in the skin tissues, skin resurfacing treats the outermost layer of skin. It works by destroying the dead cells on the surface and thus revealing the fresh, healthy cells underneath. The results are more noticeable, but do include risks. Make certain you research this method so you are fully aware of what it can do for you and what risks are involved.

Determining Which Treatment Option is Best

Of course, you should never elect for any treatment without speaking first to your doctor or dermatologist. Even though one treatment may be more appealing to you, the intended result and which procedure works best toward that goal has to determine which treatment to select. Your dermatologist can guide you to the right option for your needs.